Mission-Driven Tasking of Information Producers (MTIP)

Publish-subscribe (pub-sub) information management is becoming increasingly adopted for military and other contexts because of its scalability, adaptability, and robustness. Information producers, such as sensors, publish information as they produce it and information users subscribe to receive information they need, no matter where and when it becomes available. However, the decoupling of information producers from information consumers can result in users never receiving information they need if there are no producers of that information. The purpose of the Mission-Driven Tasking of Information Producers (MTIP) project is to ensure that users’ information needs are serviced by capable information producers, including those of airborne Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets.

MTIP automatically captures users’ interests from the devices and interfaces that they already use, including mobile devices using situational awareness apps. MTIP automatically derives the semantics of a user’s interest implicitly from the operations that the user performs, such as laying out a route, or explicitly from statements of interest, such as identification of an area of interest. MTIP then automatically generates tasks to collect information based on the semantics of the user’s interest and generates a plan for allocating those tasks across a set of ISR assets.

MTIP is designed to extend and improve the functionality of ATAK and TAKServer, which are currently being used for situational awareness (SA) by SOCOM, the Marines, DHS Civil Support Team, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the New York State Police, and the US Secret Service. MTIP allows these users to gather SA on demand as the needs of their operations unfold.