Military and civilian users need to be able to discover and access information and services that are critical to their missions, wherever it may reside. Despite the fact that such useful information often exists and could significantly increase the odds of mission success, current information sharing capabilities are largely restricted to intra-network communication and thus this information remains out of reach. The lack of such a real-time cross network capability today leads to information that remains only in the networks in which it was produced – inaccessible to the users in other networks that could benefit from it and hindering mission success. Simply connecting two networks, however, is not sufficient to provide a useful and efficient bridge. Any solution that truly addresses the need must safely bridge the domains and networks in which the information and services reside, enabling discovery of information while automatically managing differences in resource capacity, availability, and reliability.

Under the ROGER (Robust Operational Gateways Enabling Reachback/Reach-forward) effort BBN is researching the technologies and techniques required to enable such managed domain bridging, developing a framework in which such gateways can quickly be created and configured, and building a set of initial gateways within this framework that will provide reachback/forward capabilities across existing and emerging information management systems.