Cross Domain Discovery Service

Service discovery plays an important role in single domain SOAs because of the dynamic nature of a service environment. As services become available, change, or get removed, applications need to have up-to-date information about the definition of available services. Management of static depictions of these environments becomes unmanageable, both within and across domains, particularly as the number of services increases. This motivates a requirement for discovery services across domains that is currently unmet by existing service discovery solutions, which only work within domains.

Technologies developed under our Cross Domain Discovery Service (XDDS) effort fill this gap by enabling dynamic discovery and use of services across a variety of domains and associated relationships, including hierarchical, non-hierarchical, and coalition. The resulting services and protocols provide access to service information across security domains in a secure, guard-agnostic, scalable, and flexible way that is amenable to certification and accreditation. We designed the XDDS architecture and demonstrated its viability by developing proof-of-concept implementations for some of the main functions and protocols.